Designed & Printed by Madison Dawne Studios

Milwaukee, WI


  • 7 in. x 4 in.
  • Blue Drop pattern on the outside
  • Grey Period pattern in the inside
  • Pouch lays flat


Hand drawn illustrations of menstruation related items, turned into a pattern, screenprinted on canvas, then sewn into a wonderful little zippered bag!  It can be used to carry around your period products, art supplies, phone/keys/wallet, or whatever you want!  Thats the beauty of this funtional object.


Menstruation is a topic that we've tip-toed around, created slang for and have hidden away to avoid the supposed embarrassment that surrounds it. But for many humans it is a natural thing that happens regularly for most of our lives, whose feelings are we really protecting by whispering about it?


Women's Period Pouch - Blue Teardrops