The Bezert

handmade in Milwaukee, WI


TUMNUS, affectionately known as Mr. Tumnus, is a Narnian faun who befriended Lucy when she first arrived in Narnia. He has the legs of a goat and the upper body of a man with reddish skin. He has a strange but pleasant face, with a short pointed beard. His horns are made of fossilized shark teeth. His custom scent profile is a perfectly sweet, ancient myrrh. 


TOTUM FAUNA is an archaic name for all of nature's animal life.

The Bezert creations are nature totems. They are magical creatures in metamorphosis, like us. They dwell in forest trees and mossy earth. Some fly in the open sky others remain on solid land. They speak in different ways. They will teach you a story if you choose to listen. What do they whisper?


TUMNUS Narnian Totum Fauna


Who is Bezert?

Bé•Zert - a name created by my father to describe a specifically cute, quirky and semi-precious thing. (i.e. a small child or any other small sentient being).