The Bezert

written & illustrated in Milwaukee, WI


Welcome into a world where things aren't as they seem, or they seem as they aren't like the world of a dream. The Bezert has never left the safety and comfort of his island home. But when a box magically appears below his window, it proves too tempting not to take a look. By entering the box, the Bezert begins a journey of self-discovery in a dreamlike world of unknowns and mysterious inhabitants. This cloth-bound, jacketed storybook is both old world and new in its sensibility. Children of all ages will find something to love in this rhyming story about finding one's way in a strange world.




"Illustrated with surreal color artwork throughout, The Bezert is a children's picturebook about an epic journey, written entirely in verse. The Bezert (who resembles a gangly human) is lost amid a strange world that defies common sense; his efforts to find his way flow into a timeless parable about the values of trust and friendship. The Bezert is a moderately lengthy (60+ pages) story-poem, especially suitable for young readers who are almost ready to try chapter books."


~Midwest Book Review


"The Bezert by Maria Knier is a surreal story where readers are taken into the world of Bezert who lived in his space known as the Hisonly Place. It is a safe place to save his thoughts and feelings. One day he travels from his safe island and spies a gift box. The box is inviting and Bezert gets into the box. Bezert follows the smallish light inside but loses track of it slowly. Bezert's journey is inspirational and uplifting and will take readers on a path of self-discovery and help them unlock their hidden strengths.

The book is unique and original. The character's name is also very unusual and unique. Readers will be fascinated by the language and also the illustrations. All the illustrations are magical and they convey what the author is trying to express. They also enhance the surreal and dreamy feeling of the verses. The rhyming verses are lyrical and give good pace and movement to the story. The verses on 'change' and 'fear' are very motivating to readers to discover their strengths and erase their fears. As readers progress through the verses, they also learn to trust their feelings. The book is a good bedtime storybook and can also be used in classrooms and school libraries for read aloud sessions.

Though written for children, it's a book that has many dimensions to it and will definitely help a child grow in his thinking.The book stimulates readers on all levels; mentally, emotionally and visually. It's visually stunning and has a great concept. I loved it."


~Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite


"I love your book. I marvel at how writers and artists like you and Dr. Seuss can come up with such wildly imaginative stories, language, and illustrations. This book is a joy. Thanks for sharing it."


~Bob Weisenberg, Editor of Best of Yoga Philosophy and former Yoga Editor & Associate Publisher of elephant journal.



Readers comments:


"I love reading the '"The Bezert". Bezert is heartwarming in his very human doubts and fears and his courageous discoveries. The enchanted path he follows on his journey of growth is so beautifully illustrated. The words of the story grow and shrink or spin in circles, adding an emotional impact I find clever and exciting. I enjoy this book, like a comforting bedtime story. I look forward to Bezert's next adventure."


"I have had the great pleasure of following the healing quality of Maria's creative writing and illustrations and her introduction of Bezert into my life. Her and Bezert's words have comforted my Mother of 87 and my Granddaughter of 6 and many of those who have stood in a place of fear. But after the journey of Bezert, hope rose, strength came with more conviction. These heartfelt illustrations and healing words will fill your and your family's lives as well."


"I have enjoyed The Bezert on many levels; as an illustrated children's book, an inspiring prose piece, and as a meditative journal. It is not a book to be read quickly, and for that reason, enjoyed thoroughly on so many levels. My 9 year enjoys the lilt of the language and the illustrations. I love the not-so-hidden message The Bezert has for all of us. Sweet, inspiring and honest."

"The Bezert" Book


2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Winner

2015 National Indie Excellence Award - Winner

2015 USA Best Book Awards - Finalist