These beautiful and unique crystal stone stud earrings are made of Obsidian Snowflake crystals. They are simple for everyday wear.


Obsidian Snowflake is a stone of purity. It brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit. It helps to keep you centered and focused when any type of chaotic situation presents itself. It can remove negativity from a space or person with ease. This stone helps to draw emotions to the surface and to examine harmful thought patterns. It promotes a sense of calm and inner centering which readies one for a deep meditative state. Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone and it is used as a great cleanser of negative energies. This stone has a tendency to work quickly to move truths to the surface to be resolved. It also helps to remove negativity that deal with one's emotions such as anger, jealousy, greed, and resentment. It helps with loneliness, clairaudience, synchronicity, and transformation.

Snowflake Obsidian Crystal Stud Earrings


Hypoallergenic surgical steel posts and backs.

Earrings are not waterproof and should be kept away from high temperatures.