Anxiety + Depression Relief

Natural Amazonite + Gold Druzy Quartz Bracelet

Bracelet fits approximate wrist size of 7"


This listing is for a single matte natural amazonite bracelet with a single matte golden druzy quartz accent. 



Monkey chatter eliminator.

Trust, integrity + honor.

Communication + sincerity.

Emotional trauma + worry.

Headache and anxiety relief.



Encourages a happy mindset + newfound life shift / overall balance.

Vibrationally lifting (both mood and energy).

Self-trust + forgiveness allowing for personal growth.

Overall protection + self-worth.



This listing is for one 10mm matte natural amazonite with a matte golden druzy quartz bead. 
Made in United States of America

Infinite Warrior Matte Amazonite + Druzy Quartz Bracelet


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