Stabilizing + Strengthening Lava Rock Bracelet

Bracelet fits approximate wrist size of 7" 


Since it once was in the form of molten lava, it has the power of fire. Those drawn to lava rock may need some energizing fire into their lives. Lava allows for internal strength and self love.


Have you been looking for an essential oil diffuser for your wrist?

Infinite Warrior has two different options, both of which work very well. Sandalwood and lava rock are both very porous, so it’s up to you to decide what you’d rather wear each day. When it comes to using a bracelet with essential oils, just one drop goes a long way. The bracelet will help penetrate the skin for maximum absorption; it allows for less of a wait time for the oils to work their magic.

Infinite Warrior Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet


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