JR Busch Images

Milwaukee, WI


“Dinosaur and the Moon” is another whimsical collage that includes a picture of a dinosaur skeleton outside of Chicago’s Natural History Museum, the moon, and a background consisting of water droplets reflecting streetlights through a window one rainy night.


Description of Process: This collage consists of different photographs I’ve taken, digitally collaged, and finally printed in reverse onto laser jet printing paper. I then brush transfer medium onto the image and glue face down onto pine wood. Once the transfer is dry, I get the surface wet and begin rubbing the paper away. After several sessions, the ink from the printout is left behind on the wood. Each piece is hand sanded, small amount of stain applied to border and side. Finally sealed with UV protection and a matte finish. These collages sometimes show a quirkiness and make for a unique piece of art to enhance your wall!


Product description from JR Busch Images.


Dinosaur + Moon Mini Collage Wall Art


5.5" x 4.5" x 0.75"

Each finished piece is truly unique due to the grain in the wood and the manual nature of the process, ensuring that no two versions of an image will ever be exactly the same. Pieces will vary slightly from the images shown.

Finished artwork is intended for indoor display and is not weather resistant.